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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Summer workshops

I posted detailed info about my summer workshops on my Web site.

This summer, the geometry workshop expands to four days, to make room for the abundance of ideas I'd like to share. In particular, I'm expanding to include a little more computer-based activities, while keeping the workshop as a whole centered on hands-on activities with manipulatives.

On the other hand, the algebra workshop shrinks back to its three-day incarnation, to make room for a new workshop on "reimagining high school math." The latter is intended to help trigger reflection and discussion on how to break the stranglehold of traditional pedagogy and curriculum in the program of so many schools -- public, parochial, and private. So much is known about the limitations of the traditional approaches, but so little is done to try new things. I have many years of experience on that front, and hope for a rich conversation with colleagues, young or old, whether they have been on this path for a long time, or are just starting to think about it.

As always, much of what we'll do in all three workshops is based on material that is readily available on my Web site, but it is always more powerful to explore these ideas collaboratively and in person. I hope I'll meet some of you this summer!

Of course, I'm happy to answer questions, either here or via e-mail.


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