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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New: GeoGebra files for Function Diagrams

I posted several GeoGebra files for function diagrams:
  • to compare the function diagram of any function with its Cartesian graph.
  • to illustrate the concept of composition of functions.
  • to illustrate the concept of rate of change.
  • to find the parameters of y=mx+b from the position of the function diagram focus.
  • to solve a system of simultaneous linear equations with the help of two foci.
  • to show that the in-out lines for y=1/x are all tangent to an ellipse.
There's also a file that allows you to make function diagrams for printing or copy-pasting into a document.

All this can be found here — just click on GeoGebra. (There are also Texas Instrument eighty-something files, and Cabri files.)

Background on function diagrams: here.


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